Irish Championships 2014 Men's Club Roundup

The Men's and Ladies clubs now have their own individual Public Relations managers so updates will be posted separately in the future. We feel this will bring us more enthusiastic and complete reports of events and an overall better experience for you as readers. We enjoyed a very nice Irish Championships this year, the weather was great. A growing tail/crosswind featured throughout. Friday being very calm with the intensity of the wind increasing each day.

The Men's Club sent a variety of crews with a primary focus of sculling this year due to numbers among the intermediate group.

Senior 4x-

Stroke - Christopher Beck 3 - Tiernan Oliver 2 - Adam Boreham Bow - Gareth Mckillen

menspage senior4x

Intermediate 2x

Stroke - James McKelvey Bow - Luke McCann

menspage interdouble

Intermediate 1x

James McKelvey

Lightweight 1x

Luke McCann

Menspage luke1x

Club 1x

Jason Armstrong Liam Moran

Menspage JandL

Club 4+

Cox - Ruairi Leonard Stroke - Jordan Allen 3 - Ross Williamson 2 - Ben Smith Bow - John Vincent

Novice 8+

Cox - Ruairi Leonard Stroke - Joel Kelly 7 - John Vincent 6 - Oliver Graham 5 - Philip Doyle 4 - Philip Patton 3 - Ross Williamson 2 - Ben Smith Bow - Gareth Herron

1st Novice 4x+

Cox - Ruairi Leonard Stroke - Joel Kelly 3 - Oliver Graham 2 - Philip Doyle Bow - Philip Patton

menspage winning 4x+

2nd Novice 4x+

Cox - Ben Smith Stroke - Jordan Allen 3 - Jonny Erskine 2 - Jonaah Gordon-Boyd Bow - Christopher Rice

mens page 4x+






Novice 4x+

Straight Final

QUBBC - 1st - 6:49.52 2nd Clonmel 3rd Kenmare

Lightweight 1x

Heat B

Luke McCann - 4th - 7:20.39


Club 1x

Heat B Liam Moran - 2nd - 7:52.81

Heat E Jason Armstrong - 2nd - 8:07.43

Semi Final A Liam Moran - 4th - 7:56.04

Semi Final B Jason Armstrong - 4th - 7:55.69

Intermediate 1x

Heat C James McKelvey - 5th - 8:24.39 It has to be mentioned, James was coming into the last 250m of the race and had burst for the line. He was beginning to edge into 1st place when his oar caught a boay which capsized his boat. He managed to get back into his boat and finished within 18 seconds of the rower that came 4th. He received the biggest round of applause of the weekend, so well done James!

Novice 8+

Straight Final

1st UCD - 6:59.50 2nd QUBBC - 7:02.31 3rd DUBC - 7:03.29

Senior 4x-

Straight Final 1st - OUBC/Commercial - 5:59.84 2nd - Castleconnell - 6:00.60 3rd - QUBBC -  6:07.90


Intermediate 2x

Heat C QUBBC - 1st - 6:49.69

Final 1st - Skibbereen - 6:25.84 2nd - Shannon - 6:39.93 3rd - QUBBC - 6:44.48

Club 4+

Heat B QUBBC - 4th - 7:45.68

After Racing on Sunday night the entire club went to Lee Valley Golf Club for a barbecue and for the official handover of captaincy.

After the meal and the handovers had taken place the Men's and Ladies Clubs gathered for photos. ladiesclubphoto menspage novices menspage captains


Irish Championships marks the end of the Queen's rowing season for most of us. We would like to thank everyone that helped us get to where we are. Special thanks going out to Pamela Cunningham for organizing porridge and pasta throughout the year to help us with accommodation during Irish Championships. Further thanks to Lady Victoria for being a constant help to the club through the year.

We wish everyone the best in the off season and are eagerly looking forward to everything the next season has to bring.