Irish University Championships & Skibbereen Regatta

This weekend Queen's Rowing embark on a journey down to Cork and the National Rowing Centre to take part in the first regatta of the season. Both men and women have made huge entries over the 2 days of racing. An update will follow regarding the ladies when they get me the full information for their crews.

This is only one of 2 fully packed trailers



University Championships - Friday

Senior 4x- Christopher Beck, Tiernan Oliver, Adam Boreham, James McKelvey Inter 8+ Christopher Beck, Luke McCann, Tiernan Oliver, Adam Boreham, Jason Armstrong, Liam Moran, Mark McMullan, Ben Evans, Carol Moorehead (cox) Inter 1x Ben Evans, James McKelvey Club 1 8x (Same as Inter 8) Club 1 4+ Jason Armstrong, Luke McCann, Mark McMullan, Liam Moran, Carol Moorehead (cox) Novice 8+ Joel Kelly, Lloyd White, Philip Doyle, John Vincent, Oliver Graham, Brian Murray, Gareth Herron, Philip Patton,  Peter Ramsey (cox) + Jordan Allen, Jonaah Boyd, Ryan McCormack, Ross Williamson, Maciej Lisowski, Chris Rice, Ben Smith, James Duffin, Ruairi Leonard (cox) Novice 4x+ Joel Kelly, Lloyd White, Philip Doyle, Philip Patton, Peter Ramsey (cox)

Skibereen - Saturday

Lightweight 1x Luke McCann, Ben Evans, Christopher Beck Club 1 1x Jason Armstrong, Adam Boreham, Tiernan Oliver, Liam Moran Inter 4x- (same as senior 4x-) Club 1 4x- (Same as Uni Champs) Club 2 2x Mark McMullan + Ben Evans, Lloyd White + Gareth Herron, Philip Doyle + John Vincent, Joel Kelly + Philip Patton


Club 1 8+ Novice 8+ Club 1 4x- Club 2 2x Club 1 1x Club 1 4+ Novice 4+

Crew lists and which days these boats are entered in to follow when information reaches me.