Tub Champs 2012: Extra Update


One further piece of information (and a very important one at that) to add to the recent update. The much loved Queen's Rowing Tradition, Tub Champs was held over the final weeks of last month for both the Men's and Women's clubs.

This is a particularly special part of the novice rowing calendar, as the novices take on a new type of race from the standard winter heads, to compete against each other in a one on one knockout tournament, racing in two seater, coxed tubs.

The Lady's Club held their Tub Champs tournament last Wednesday, November 28th. The victors were Zara Morgan and Rebecca Edwards, whose tub was coxed by Ladies Club member Katy Fair.

Men's Club Novice Manager Andrew Beatty was one of the key figures behind the organisation of the Tub Champs tournament for the Novice Men. He has provided his own write-up of the racing, the winners as well as a series of photographs of the tournament below. The photos of the victors for the Lady's Club Tub Champs can also be found below.

Congratulations to Jason Armstrong and Marty McCann winners of tub champs 2012, coxed in their tub by Stacey McGaughey. Due to the incredible number of male beginners joining QUBBC the races were held over 2 weekends with a time trial to place them in the semi finals. The final was held two sundays past and it was a tight race to place in the final but the final produced a clear winner leading by a clear length and a half. The Mill and Barbour Milne Barbour cup will be awarded at the 79th Annual Men's Dinner this friday. Special thanks to go to Stephen Lockwood who was the finish judge and ensured the traditions of this race were upheld. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who took part making it a great couple of days.

Thanks to all coxes and coaches for helping to organize the event, as well as to the novices for taking part. Congratulations to the winners!