Lagan Head Results

Lagan Head of the River results:

Race 1:

1st   QUBBC         MS 2X    R. O'Connor  (Won category)
7th   QUBBC         MN4+     S. Leitch       (Won category)
25th QUBBC (B)    MN4+     R. Crowley
32nd QUBLBC       WN4+    C. Moorehead
35th  QUBLBC       WS 2-   A. Greene     (Won category)
50th  Qubbc (C)    MN4+    U. Slack
55th  QUBLBC (B)  WS 2-   E. Kerrigan
59th  QUBBC         MN 2X   P. Mano
see times below.

Race 2:

1st    QUBBC         MS 8+     A. yu       (Won category)
4th    QUBBC         MI  8+     U. Slack  (Won category)
14th  QUBBC         MN 8+     S. Leitch  (Won category)
16th  QUBBC (B)    MN 8+     R. Crowley 
23rd  QUBLBC (B)  WN 8+     A. Aitken  (Won category)
24th  QUBLBC        WS 4-     H. Laverty
27th  QUBLBC        WN 8+    C. Moorehead
see times below

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