Men's and Ladies' Dinners

Hello, A quick update on the men's and ladies' 2014 club dinners.

The ladies' dinner is on Friday 5th December, the men's dinner is on Saturday 6th December.

Also, as I know it is of concern to a lot of ex-Queen's rowers, I can confirm that next year (2015), the mens dinner will return to it's usual place on the first Friday in December, the ladies' dinner will be held on the Saturday evening.

Formal invitations will be sent out soon. We hope to see as many of you as possible at the dinners.

Novices, British champs and Irish trials

Since the last update it has been an action packed few weeks for Queen's Rowing with the novice programme now in full flow, four athletes competing at the British Rowing Championships and four athletes trialling for the Irish national rowing squad.

With the new season well underway the novice programme is now beginning to gather pace. Queen's men's and women's novice crews have achieved great success in the UK and Ireland in recent years, and we are looking to build on that success and move forward again this year. The early signs are very promising with large numbers of men and women trying out rowing as the squads begin to take shape. In recent weeks we have consistently had 5 or 6 mens eights and 5 or 6 women's eights training on the Lagan, as well as working hard on the ergometers and during indoor circuit training. It has been great to see so many enthusiastic and talented athletes joining the club and we hope to see as many as possible staying on to compete at the summer regattas, and ultimately challenging for pots at the Irish Rowing Championships. We had five novice crews compete in a micro-head race on the Lagan with some impressive performances considering they are barely a month into their rowing careers.  It's worth mentioning that this year's novice managers are Chris Rice and Brian Murray for the men, and Lana Mullen and Niamh Cassidy for the women. They have done a brilliant job so far and their tireless work is very much appreciated by everyone at the club.

 Mens ergs 2 Women's ergs 3 Novice week MN8+2 Micro Head WN8+2

Novice 2X

A big well done to our athletes that competed at the British Rowing Championships in Nottingham two weeks ago. Conditions were very rough but our crews are well used to that after winter training on the Lagan! Our Open U23 mens 2X of Gareth McKillen and Chris Beck placed first in the D final, which placed them sixth overall in their category. Our Open U23 women's 2X of Rebecca Edwards and Dineka Maguire placed second in the G final, placing them 5th overall in their category. Fantastic achievements from both crews in a regatta featuring team GB's top rowers.


The men's club sent four athletes down to Cork for the first Rowing Ireland high performance trials. Conditions were tough with strong winds throughout. Tiernan Oliver and Philip Doyle trailed in the Heavyweight men's single sculls. Tiernan reached the A final where he finished third with a final percentage of 84.9% (of gold medal time). Phil reached the C final and finished with a  percentage of 84.1%. Joel Kelly and Luke McCann entered an U23 Lightweight pair. They had a tough time trial but recovered well to produce an impressive performance in the C final, achieving a percentage of 86%. A special mention goes to Philip Doyle and Joel Kelly (pictured below) who were trialling after only one year of novice rowing.


Also, we wish Gareth McKillen and Chris Beck the best of luck as they head over to England to trial for the Great Britain rowing squad in a little under two weeks.

The men's and women's intermediate and senior squads are training hard as they target wins in the first head race of the season, Bann Head, in a little under two weeks time. Several novice crews from each squad will also be competing. In the next update we will provide a round up with the results from the race.

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the start of another exciting year for Queen's Rowing! The new Public Relations managers for the club are myself (Oliver Graham) and Jennifer Whittaker. We are both in the second year of our degree courses at Queen's, and after competing as novices last year we are about to begin our second season of rowing.

This year, our goal is to increase the regularity and quality of the updates that are being released by the club. With this strategy in mind we will be updating this blog every two weeks, informing everyone about what is happening at the club. On top of this we will continue to update our Facebook page: Queen's Rowing, as well as an increased twitter presence: @queensrowingni.

Our first article of the year is a welcome from our club captain's Luke McCann and Alicia Green (pictured below).


Alicia Green Ladies' Club Captain

Hi, my name is Alicia Green and I am in the second year of a Politics degree. Since joining the club last September I have been warmly welcomed into its friendly environment, and I very quickly became immersed in the club. This was made all the easier by the hugely welcoming and friendly existing members. I began rowing at the age of 15 at Gloucester Rowing Club in England and quickly fell in love with the sport competing at British Championships for a number of years. Having taken a bit of time out of rowing before joining Queen’s, I missed the sport and knew I wanted to join the Ladies Boat Club once I got here. It truly was one of the best decisions I have made since moving to Belfast and I would urge anyone who is sitting on the fence to take the leap and give it a go! Being so heavily involved in the club is highly rewarding and I wouldn’t change it for the world – I spend my time here with some of my best friends and really couldn’t be happier.

Queen’s Ladies’ Boat Club has achieved great success over the last year with impressive performances in a number of events across Britain and Ireland with the girls in the novice eight earning the title of Irish Champions by an impressive margin. Strong performances from members of all squads in the club meant that although we didn’t close the year with as many titles as we would have hoped, the girls certainly impressed with their determination and resilience. Reaching finals in a number of events is an achievement that can never be taken lightly and is something that we hope to build on in the coming year with the aim to secure more medals and victories than before. In travelling overseas to compete in huge international events such as the Women’s Head and Henley Regatta, the girls gained invaluable experience of racing at the highest level with some of the most prolific talents in the rowing world. The girls held their own at these events, proving that Queen’s University is not only a threat at University Championships but at large scale events with crews from all over the world. 

Whilst the challenge of winter training looms large for all at the boat club, the environment created by the personalities and strong relationships within the club make a seemingly daunting prospect something to be enjoyed as the squads work together to lay down a strong foundation for next year’s regatta season. It is only through hard work and dedication by the girls that the club can go on to succeed more and more so every girl works extremely hard nurturing friendly rivalries to improve both fitness and technique in order to produce the highest quality crews that we can. This training and determination would mean nothing without the enduring support of the coaches and volunteers at the club, without whom the club would not function. A huge thanks to all who helped the Ladies’ Club last year, we really do rely on that support to move forward as a club and we can only hope that in the coming year this dedication to the girls and their goals can help in producing some fantastic results.

I’d just like to close by saying how excited I am for the year ahead and what is to come for Queen’s Ladies’ Boat Club. We all love the sport of rowing and put an enormous amount of time, energy, blood, sweat and tears to achieve our goals and I can’t wait to see what’s to come from this ever improving club and its amazing members and supporters!

Luke McCann Men's Club Captain

Hi, I'm Luke McCann, Captain of QUBBC for the 2014-15 season. I would like to briefly introduce myself, and tell you a little about our plans for this season.
 I've been rowing in Belfast since I was a junior, and I'm now going into my 8th year of rowing. I'm in final year of my Psychology degree, with plans to stay on for a postgraduate course.  During my years as a junior I would always see Queen's training on the river, and always aspired to join their ranks. I feel very privileged to now be captain to the club I have been looking up to for so long. 
Last season had a mix of ups and downs, with a great start to the year and some excellent wins at BUCS, but unfortunately we did not achieve what we hoped come Henley and the Irish Championships. Retention of experienced rowers after Christmas was poor, leaving us with just enough to field an inter 8. We have learned from this however, and have changed both social sides of the club and aspects of the training programme to have much greater retention this season. We also have excellent numbers to start with, with over 25 athletes returning from previous years. Overall, with the training programme I have set up with head coach Mick Desmond, and with the number and quality of the athletes we have this year, I am confident we are building up to a very successful season. 
With the numbers we have, we will once again be able to focus on 8's racing, and early plans include trips to events such as the HoRR in London. Individual's international success has shown this summer in both the Commonwealth Regatta, and the World University Championships, and while several athletes will once again be trialling this season, focus is on the club events rather than feeding national teams. 
I would like to take a moment to thank Paddy Doherty and Steven Lockwood. The two have coached the novice crews for several years and have been vital for many wins, ultimately providing some great rowers who have gone on to be part of inter and senior crews. While they may help at some stage in the future, they have decided to step down from the lead novice coaching positions. I thank both of you for everything you have done for our club. I would also like to welcome Phil Costen who has stepped up in their place, and we look forward to another great year of novice rowing.
Overall, I have never felt the Queen's Spirit higher in my time here, and am looking forward to a great season. Athletes are hungry for wins, not just for themselves but for the club they have grown so proud of. If anyone has any questions about anything to do with the club, you can always contact me by the emails listed on this website. I'm sure I will speak to some of you again at the annual dinner, details of which shall be uploaded soon. Until then, thank you all for the support for our club, and good luck to Queen's for this season!

Irish Championship 2014 - QUBLBC

Last weekend, 11th-13th July saw Queen’s Ladies Boat Club partaking in the annual Irish Rowing Championships being held in Cork. The weather conditions throughout the weekend were fair for rowing with a moderate tail wind each day. This meant the start was relatively sheltered with the wind and wave increasing further down the course.


Women’s Club 4+ Cox - Carol Moorehead Bow - Niamh Menary 2 - Mary-Beth Toner 3 - Ellie Holmes Stroke - Alicia Green Heat A - 3rd (Narrowly missing out on the final) - time unavailable

woman int 4+

Women’s Intermediate 2- Bow - Dineka Maguire Stroke - Ruth Taylor Final - 4th - 8:01.85

Women’s Intermediate 8+ Cox - Catherine Campbell Bow - Emma McKee 2 - Jane Cunningham 3 - Rachel Brown 4 - Roisin Maguire 5 - Rebecca Edwards 6 - Ruth Taylor 7 - Dineka Maguire Stroke - Rebecca Mackey Final - 3rd - 6:55.60


Women’s Novice 8+ Cox - Carol Moorehead Bow - Samantha Fisher 2 - Molly Kerr 3 - Alice Foynes 4 - Niamh Cassidy 5 - Carrie Kelly 6 - Lois Kelso 7 - Stephanie McIvor Stroke - Lana Mullen Final - 1st - 7:19.74

womanspage novice8

Women’s Club x1 Rebecca Edwards Heat A - 2nd - 8:30.48 Final - 2nd - 8:10.61 Jennifer Whittaker Heat C - 4th - 9:45.35

woman edwards


Women’s Intermediate 4+ Cox - Carol Moorehead Bow - Niamh Menary 2 - Mary-Beth Toner 3 - Ellie Holmes Stroke - Alicia Green Final - 6th - 7:41.39

Women’s Club 8+ Cox - Catherine Campbell Bow - Emma McKee 2 - Jane Cunningham 3 - Rachel Brown 4 - Roisin Maguire 5 - Rebecca Edwards 6 - Ruth Taylor 7 - Dineka Maguire Stroke - Rebecca Mackey Heat A - 1st - 6:44.82 Final - 3rd - 6:45.41

woman inter 8

woman nov 8 woman trailer

Irish Championships 2014 Men's Club Roundup

The Men's and Ladies clubs now have their own individual Public Relations managers so updates will be posted separately in the future. We feel this will bring us more enthusiastic and complete reports of events and an overall better experience for you as readers. We enjoyed a very nice Irish Championships this year, the weather was great. A growing tail/crosswind featured throughout. Friday being very calm with the intensity of the wind increasing each day.

The Men's Club sent a variety of crews with a primary focus of sculling this year due to numbers among the intermediate group.

Senior 4x-

Stroke - Christopher Beck 3 - Tiernan Oliver 2 - Adam Boreham Bow - Gareth Mckillen

menspage senior4x

Intermediate 2x

Stroke - James McKelvey Bow - Luke McCann

menspage interdouble

Intermediate 1x

James McKelvey

Lightweight 1x

Luke McCann

Menspage luke1x

Club 1x

Jason Armstrong Liam Moran

Menspage JandL

Club 4+

Cox - Ruairi Leonard Stroke - Jordan Allen 3 - Ross Williamson 2 - Ben Smith Bow - John Vincent

Novice 8+

Cox - Ruairi Leonard Stroke - Joel Kelly 7 - John Vincent 6 - Oliver Graham 5 - Philip Doyle 4 - Philip Patton 3 - Ross Williamson 2 - Ben Smith Bow - Gareth Herron

1st Novice 4x+

Cox - Ruairi Leonard Stroke - Joel Kelly 3 - Oliver Graham 2 - Philip Doyle Bow - Philip Patton

menspage winning 4x+

2nd Novice 4x+

Cox - Ben Smith Stroke - Jordan Allen 3 - Jonny Erskine 2 - Jonaah Gordon-Boyd Bow - Christopher Rice

mens page 4x+






Novice 4x+

Straight Final

QUBBC - 1st - 6:49.52 2nd Clonmel 3rd Kenmare

Lightweight 1x

Heat B

Luke McCann - 4th - 7:20.39


Club 1x

Heat B Liam Moran - 2nd - 7:52.81

Heat E Jason Armstrong - 2nd - 8:07.43

Semi Final A Liam Moran - 4th - 7:56.04

Semi Final B Jason Armstrong - 4th - 7:55.69

Intermediate 1x

Heat C James McKelvey - 5th - 8:24.39 It has to be mentioned, James was coming into the last 250m of the race and had burst for the line. He was beginning to edge into 1st place when his oar caught a boay which capsized his boat. He managed to get back into his boat and finished within 18 seconds of the rower that came 4th. He received the biggest round of applause of the weekend, so well done James!

Novice 8+

Straight Final

1st UCD - 6:59.50 2nd QUBBC - 7:02.31 3rd DUBC - 7:03.29

Senior 4x-

Straight Final 1st - OUBC/Commercial - 5:59.84 2nd - Castleconnell - 6:00.60 3rd - QUBBC -  6:07.90


Intermediate 2x

Heat C QUBBC - 1st - 6:49.69

Final 1st - Skibbereen - 6:25.84 2nd - Shannon - 6:39.93 3rd - QUBBC - 6:44.48

Club 4+

Heat B QUBBC - 4th - 7:45.68

After Racing on Sunday night the entire club went to Lee Valley Golf Club for a barbecue and for the official handover of captaincy.

After the meal and the handovers had taken place the Men's and Ladies Clubs gathered for photos. ladiesclubphoto menspage novices menspage captains


Irish Championships marks the end of the Queen's rowing season for most of us. We would like to thank everyone that helped us get to where we are. Special thanks going out to Pamela Cunningham for organizing porridge and pasta throughout the year to help us with accommodation during Irish Championships. Further thanks to Lady Victoria for being a constant help to the club through the year.

We wish everyone the best in the off season and are eagerly looking forward to everything the next season has to bring.


Queen's Crews Prepare for Henley and Marlow

This week we have various crews from both clubs travelling over the pond to prepare for, and to race at, Henley Royal Regatta, Woman's Henley and Marlow Reagatta. The Men's Club Senior 4x- are heading to Belgium for a training camp which will take them onto Marlow Regatta and finally into Henley Royal Regatta and we wish them the best of luck and much success.

The Men's Club 1st Novice VIII will be heading over to Marlow to race at Intermediate II and Intermediate III level due to their success at BUCS Regatta. The Novice Men are unfortunately not going to HRR but are using their experience at Marlow to prepare themselves for the tough competition at Irish Championships.

The Ladies Club are sending over their 1st VIII for Woman's Henley. The Ladies leave on Thursday the 19th to allow them time to settle and do some last minute training on the course.

Keep a look out on the Queens Website or the Queens Blog for updates and pictures as we receive them.

This is an exciting time for both clubs and the club as a whole and we wish all students participating to best of luck! Row Hard Queens!

Athlone Regatta Success

Mens and Ladies clubs from Queens attended Athlone Regatta on a sunny Saturday the 14th of June. Over the 1700m course we had  various crews entered with much success.

Liam Moran took home a win in the club 2 single scull by narrowly defeating the GSBC sculler.


Jason Armstrong and Luke McCann won the Intermediate 2x by beating Bann Rowing Club narrowly in a course long battle.


The Novice Men's VIII found success in the Club 2 8+ beating Neptune by a number of lengths




Mens Intermediate Scullers  Mark McMullan and Luke McCann were unsuccessful in the Intermediate 1x both of them being knocked out in the heats.

The Novice Men's 4x+ raced well to take home second place in the Beginner 4x+.

The Ladies Club Intermediate 4+ were narrowly defeated by Portora Royal School.

Mens and Ladies Annual General Meeting results

See below the new committees for each club.

Men's Club

Captain - Luke McCann

Vice-Captain - Jason Armstrong

Secretary - Andrew Beatty

Treasurer - Liam Moran

Logistics - James Cook

Novice Managers  - Christopher Rice & Brian Murray

House and Grounds and Safety Officer - Ruairi Leonard

Regatta Secretary - Mark McMullan

Dinner Coordinator - Brian Murray

Public Relations - Oliver Graham

Fundraiser - Philip Doyle

Ladies Club

Captain - Alicia Green

Secretary - Ellie Holmes

Treasurer - Carol Moorehead

Logistics - Molly Kerr

Kit Officer - Emma McKee

Fundraisers - Mary-Beth-Toner & Rachel Brown & Rosanna McBrien

Novice Managers - Niamh Cassidy & Lana Mullen

Public Relations - Jennifer Whittaker

Social Secretary - Brooke Burnside & Rachel Brown

We wish the respective committees the best of  luck in the coming year and hope they are able to bring success to their clubs and queens rowing as a whole.

BUCS Regatta 2014 Roundup

Queen's Rowing had a very successful weekend at BUCS Regatta 2014 taking home medals in 7 different categories. Conditions were probably the best that we will see for the next number of years with flat calm conditions on Day 1, very slight headwind on Day 2 and a moderate crosswind on Day 3. Throughout the competition there was sunshine all through the day.

Below will be a summary of each clubs efforts over the weekend.


Men's Beginners VIII+ QUB A Cox- Peter Ramsey, Joel Kelly, Lloyd White, Phil Patton, Phil Doyle, Oliver Graham, John Vincent, Jonny Erskine and Gareth Herron 2nd in Time Trial Semi Final A - 1st Final A - 1st Gold Medal


Men's Beginners VIII+ QUB B Cox - Ruairi Leonard, Jordan Allen, Ross Williamson, Ryan McCormick, Chris Rice, Adam Gallagher, Ben Smith, Josh Sets and Jonaah Gordon-Boyd 18th in Time Trial Final C - 5th

Men's Beginners IV+ QUB A Cox - Peter Ramsey, Joel Kelly, Phil Doyle, Oliver Graham and Lloyd White 2nd in Time Trial Semi Final A - 1st Final A - 1st Gold Medal


Men's Beginners IV+ QUB B Cox- Ruairi Leonard, Jordy Allen, Ross Williamson, Ryan McCormick and Jonaah Gordon-Boyd 17th in Time Trial Final C - 3rd

Men's Intermediate Lightweight 1x Time Trial Christopher Beck - 1st James McKelvey - 3rd Jason Armstrong - 18th Luke McCann - 6th Liam Moran - 22nd Ben Evans - 21st Mark McMullan - 12th Semi Final A James McKelvey - 1st Luke McCann - 3rd Semi Final B Chris Beck - 1st Mark McMullan - 6th Final A Chris Beck - 1st Gold Medal James McKelvey - 4th Luke McCann - 6th Final B Mark McMullan - 6th Final C Jason Armstrong - 1st Final D Liam Moran - 1st Ben Evans - 4th


Men's Intermediate 1x Tiernan Oliver 2nd in Time Trial Semi Final - 1st Final A - 4th

Men's Championship Lightweight 2x QUB A Chris Beck and James McKelvey 3rd in Time Trial Semi Final A - 1st Final A - 3rd

Men's Championship Lightweight 2x QUB B Jason Armstrong and Luke McCann 11th in Time Trial Semi Final A - 6th

Men's Intermediate 2x Tiernan Oliver and Gareth McKillen 1st in Time Trial Semi Final B - 1st Final A - 2nd


Men's Championship Lightweight 4x Jason Armstrong, Luke McCann, Liam Moran and Mark McMullan 5th in Time Trial Final A - 5th

Men's Intermediate 4x Chris Beck, Adam Boreham, Tiernan Oliver, Gareth McKillen 1st in Time Trial Semi final A - 1st Final A - 1st



Women’s Intermediate 2- QUB A Dineka Maguire and  Ruth Taylor 7th in Time Trial Semi Final A - 3rd Final A - 6th

Women’s Intermediate 2- QUB A Rachel Brown and Jane Cunningham 17th in Time Trial Final C - 5th

Women’s Intermediate 4x- Ellie Holmes, Roisin Maguire, Emma McKee and Alicia Green 10th in Time Trial Semi Final A - 5th Final B - 3rd

Women’s Beginner 1x Jennifer Whittaker 12th in Time trial Semi Final B – 6th B final – 5th

Women' Intermediate 8+ Cox – Catherine Campbell, Niamh Menary, Jane Cuuningham, Rachel Brown, Emma McKee, Dineka Maguire, Ruth Taylor, Rebecca Edwards, Rebecca Mackey 8th in Time trial Semi Final B – 5th Final B – 1st

Women's Champioship Lightweight 1x Mary-Beth Toner 9th in Time Trial Semi Final A – 5th

Women's Beginner 4+ QUB A Cox – Carol Moorehead, Molly Kerr, Stephanie McIvor, Lana Mullen and Niamh Cassidy 12th Time Trial Semi-Final B – 5th Final B– 4th

Women's Beginner 4+QUB B Cox – Alice Murdoch, Carrie Kelly, Brooke Burnside, Rosanna McBrien and Samantha Fisher 22th Time Trial Semi-Final B – 5th Final D - 6th

Women's Intermediate 2x Rebecca Edwards and Rebecca Mackey 2nd in Time Trial Semi-Final A – 1st Final A– 3rd Bronze Medal

Rebecca Mackey and Edwards with their Bronze Medal Mackey and Edwards

Women's Championship Lightweight 4x- Mary-Beth Toner, Alice McPherson, LJ Watson and Jane Cunningham 8th in Time Trial Semi-Final B – 4th

Women's Beginner 8+ QUB A Cox – Carol Moorehead, Samantha Fisher, Alice Foynes, Niamh Cassidy, Rosanna McBrien, Stephanie McIvor, Carrie Kelly, Lois Kelso and Lana Mullen 12th in Time trial Semi Final B – 2nd Final A – 4th

Women's Beginner 8+ QUB B Cox: Alice Murdoch, Cathy Hinds, Stacey McGaughy, Caroline McCammon, Jo Willis, Victorial Coulter, Brooke Burnside, Molly Kerr and Chelsea Goodwin 33rd in Time trial Final F - 3rd

Women's Intermediate 4+ Cox – Catherine Campbell, Dineka Maguire, Roisin Maguire, Emma McKee and Ruth Taylor 13th in Time trial Final C - 1st

Women's Intermediate 4+ Cox - Carol Moorehead, Rachel Brown, Rachael Abbott, Ellie Holmes and Alicia Green Time Trial - 28th Final E - 2nd


In order to capture the spirit of the weekend the students got together for a group photo.